Top Online Sportsbooks

On this site, we’ve already mentioned a few online sportsbook standouts.  On this page, we’ll take a detailed look at a handful of other favorite online sportsbooks of ours.  These guys are in top form:  take it from us – the world of online gambling is all the richer because they exist.

We’ll tell you what makes these premium online sportsbooks shine below:

If you love sports like we do, you’ll find much to really love at At, you’ll find tons of value-added promotions across a variety of different sports: specific to horse race wagers, you can receive rebates ranging anywhere from 3% up to 8% of your previous day horse wager back into your account (regardless of whether those wagers won or lost). has over 70 horse racing tracks that you can choose from, and there aren’t ever any fees when betting on any of ’em.

In terms of other value-added sports promotions, there are several million-dollar level giveaways that you can find at At the time of this writing, has a $5,000.00 BCS Challenge – if you can predict the outcome of all 5 BCS games (BCS National Championship Game, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl), you’ll get $5,000.


There much to like at BetUS: you can find fantastic betting options with the utmost flexibility and a huge variety of bonuses and promotions. Not to mention the freebies that you can amass, such as a free swimsuit calendar and DVD of the scorchingly-hot BetUS girls, free subscriptions to sports mags and much, much more. When you sign up and make your first deposit, you’ll receive an instant 60% sign-up bonus.

There is much ore to becoming one of the top online sports – books than just running an honest game. There are a lot of elements that must come together in order to create something that special. Many have tried. Most of them have failed miserably. The key is to find a great balance between the most important elements. If you have a great book that runs smoothly, it is a good start but you have to start layering other elements on one at a time. All the while, making sure they reach the level of perfection required by the customer. After all, it is all about the customer, isn’t it?

Let’s just say that you have good graphics, lots of great contests to choose from, good spreads across the board, even bonuses and introductory offers but you have no marketing at all. How do you expect to get any business? You can hope for all of the people who actually try the site bring their friends and / or families but let’s be realistic for just a moment.