The Main Event

In the world of professional sports there is never a lack of events that you can bet on. Myself personally, I love all of them. Some people like to focus their bets in the same sport. They seem to wait patiently all year long until they are about to pop just before their sport of betting choice comes back around. Not me, I am all over the place. Betting a little here and a little there. Sure there are some sports that I tend to bet more often or maybe even a bit heavier on, but I do like to spread the love around. Plus any real better knows that there are not a lot sports that offer action all year around. They come and they go but there is always something there to take it’s place before too long.

It seems like the field is getting a bit more crowded lately because of the acceptance of newer alternatives to the old favorites. It used to be that the staples were all that anyone paid any attention to let alone bet on. Things like horse racing, baseball, football (The American Variety) and basketball were the mainstays but in recent years there have been many additions. A lot of those sports have female versions too. Many of those female sports are catching on now both on the playing field as well as in the sports book. There are also sports like Golf, Hockey, Soccer and Auto Racing that have expanded the bettors field of vision tremendously. All of this is great for those individuals that love great variety and want to take a chance at making a bet to win some money.

As you can probably guess, the sports book doesn’t discriminate. They will take the money of one sport lover so why should they limit the ability of another person to bet on the sport of their choice. Plus the more bets they offer, the greater portion of society they can earn the business of. Why would they tie their own hands by not offering a bet on something note worthy. That is their game. As a matter of fact, the intelligent book makers have also begun to allow many people to bet on alternatives to sports such as awards shows or even presidential speeches in some cases… It is amazing what some people would take a bet on to me but somebody had the foresight to see that there was money to be made on these bets too. You have to understand that for as long as there has been money, people have been placing bets. It is as fundamental as two people having differing viewpoints on anything measurable, it doesn’t even have to be a sport.