Lessons learned II

We still watch football from time to time, Teddy and I. We have known each other for years now. I should say, we have become fast friends. He still loves to bet the game on Sunday from time to time but it has been curbed by many let downs. That’s right he has learned his lesson but it was not easy. It was actually one of the hardest things that I have ever had to watch because I like the guy so much.

Like I was saying before, wen I met Teddy he would bet his whole bank role at any given time. It would all be on the table. He always thought that he diversified enough. I figured that he would have something come through on his tickets if he placed enough on different games or in different combinations. That plan worked out for a while and I think that made the fall much harder in the end. He went on for about a month wining over and over. Sure, there were times that he would not get back as much as he bet but he always got a nice enough payout that he could bank roll his necessities as well as place bets on the upcoming sporting events. That is until he didn’t.

I remember it like it was yesterday because I was the one to help him out of the mess. It was Monday night and there was a new emotion radiating off of Teddy. It was fright. That’s right, he was afraid that he had put himself in a jam. You see, both of his remaining tickets were relying on the same team to win so the parlays would pay out. If the team did not win and cover the spread he would be in real trouble. Like always he played all of his money on the weekend games which had already been disastrous until that point. He went from 9 tickets to only 2 left for him to hang his hopes on. That would not be a problem because each ticket would pay more than $1,000 if it paid at all.

It was times like this that I knew his method of betting was unsustainable and that he would have to change or it would be the end of him, figuratively speaking, sooner or later. There was only a 1 point spread on the game so he really just needed the right team to win. At the end of the game his team was ahead by 3 points but there was about a minute left on the clock with no timeouts remaining for either team. Teddy was sure he was going to win but the other team started to drive with the hurry up offense. As they got closer and closer to their eventual touchdown, Teddy broke down. He ended up with nothing but worthless tickets because he did not keep any reserve in his bank role.