Lessons learned

Here in Vegas Sports betting is a way of life… Some people live by it, others die by it. The truth is that you never know what the outcome of a game is going to be. Some people will get a hot tip and bet everything they have plus some on it. In the end it often ends in disaster for that type of person because even if you win a few times that way, you just can’t keep a streak like that alive for very long. The end of a streak of that nature is often a very hard lesson to learn indeed. As a matter of fact, if you have a nice long winning streak during which you bet it all on the winning team and come out on top, you will likely have to learn that very hard lesson time after time to get it through your thick skull.

I know a guy, we’ll call him Teddy. He was this type of sports bettor. He would lay it all on the line every week trying to come out on top. When he first moved to town, he went on a burner. I met him at the sports book during football season. He was cashing in a ticket for nearly 1,200 and buying new parlay tickets with the winnings. That’s right, with every bit of the winnings he bought new tickets. I got my ticket and decided to sit with Teddy for the afternoon games. I was very excited watching all the action knowing he had so many tickets tat could end up winning a lot if the games played out right for him.

I came to find out while watching some very entertaining football that he had spent all his money putting bets in before the morning games. He didn’t save enough to eat or, drink or even get home after the day was over with. I happily got him some nachos and a beer or two during the game. We chatted about a few things and he was a very interesting guy. He said that he had been in town for nearly two weeks. He was having a great time of it while living in a studio apartment near the casino. He was placing bets on the NFL games all week. I asked him if he always played all of his bank roll and he responded that he did. He said it really did not bother him because he got such an assortment of tickets placed, he was sure that something would come through for him.

As the games came to an end there were a few nail biters that came down to the last possession. He was very worked up during the end the last game but in the end, he won. He cashed in 2 of his tickets for nearly $2,000.