Betting Lines

In the event that your passion for sports runs deeper than just horse racing, this is the page built just for you.

On this page, we’ll take a peek into how betting lines actually work in the general world of online sports. It’s worth noting that each of the online sportsbooks that we recommend throughout this site simplifies the online gambling process to such an extent that even online sport beginners will find it incredibly easy to follow.

Let’s analyze a bet for the sake of an example. Say you’re betting on soccer. You’’ll have three basic betting options:

* Option 1: The home team of the game wins the game (this bet is indicated by a “1″ in the UK, and a “-” in the US).
* Option 2: The game will be a draw, meaning none of the teams win (this bet is marked with an “x”).
* Option 3: The visiting team wins the game (this bet is indicated by a “2” in the UK, and a “+” in the US).

Again, the above options are the more basic one that can be found at all sportsbooks. Online, you’ll be able to tap into many more options to choose from, such as which team will be the first to score during the game, or how many goals -in total – that the game ends with.

Betting Lines / Odds

Each individual game’s odds or lines are set by the sportsbooks well in advance of the actual game. One relatively easy way to grasp the concept of “money lines” is in knowing that they detail how much you would win for every currency unit that you bet with. As as example:

* “+ 200″ means that if you were to place a winning bet of $100 on the underdog, your win would be$300.
* “- 200″ means that you’d have to bet $200 on the favorite in order to win $100.

It can take some time to became familiar with all of the ins and outs associated with the betting lines at the Book. It all really makes perfect sense though. You see, the Book has to determine the odds. They are deciphering witch bet is more likely to come through and making an adjustment to reflect this. This not only allows the odds to be balanced but also allows the house to take a small percentage of the money that is bet as well.

It has been said that the house always wins and when you are talking about the Sports Book, they most certainly do. There is nothing wrong with that. They do deserve to make a living at it considering they take the time to manage such a massive undertaking for all of us to enjoy.